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We offer a variety of hands on coding enrichment programs that integrate both technical skills (STREAM - Science, Technologies, Reading/Writing, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics, and digital literacy) and soft skills (essential 21st century skills) for after school, weekend, school holidays, incursions and parties.  

Our ACARA and SCSA aligned programs are based on our diverse curriculum in the areas of coding, drones and extended realities and are designed by our own TRBWA registered teachers for students in Kindy to Year 12. Our programs are levelled for beginner, intermediate and advanced student to meet their individual needs. 

Our programs are implemented in a safe, positive and fun learning environment where students are engaged in fun and educational hands on activities to express their creativity, innovation, apply design thinking and develop those essential technical and soft skills for future success. 

Please contact us to learn more about our engaging and fun enrichment programs or book a trial



After school programs that integrate STREAM with hands on coding for students in Kindy to Year 12. Each one hour session allows students the opportunity to develop 21st century skills. 



Our programs are cross-disciplinary and aligned to ACARA and SCSA.  We conduct our session at your school during curriculum time.



Our holiday two hour sessions are a fun, engaging and educational way for students in Kindy to Year 12. Sessions are conducted by expert teachers.




Celebrate your child’s birthday with a MySTREAM party experience. Our party package includes e-invitations for your guests and the birthday girl or boy receives a MySTREAM T-shirt.

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